In these cases it is quite common for children to be a focal point of the dispute - often for the purpose of leveraging an inequitable settlement in favor of the unreasonable spouse. This type of tactic is used to trade assets and financial support for access to the children. Thus, twisting facts or making absurd false allegations are common occurrences when children are involve. In fact, this can almost always be counted on. In essence, these people are relentless in their efforts to meet their own needs without regard to others including their on chilren.

The unreasonable spouse - be it a husband or wife - is very manipulative and quite adept at convincing the court about their genuine concerns for their children. Since courts tend to err on the side of caution when children are involved, allegations about any potential risk that the other spouse poses, are usually taken seriously. Often this translate into suspended or limited visitation for the "targeted" parent. Once allegations are made and the court responds by taking steps to "protect" the children by limiting a parent's access, it becomes an uphill battle to undo what has been set in motion. This scenario presents a huge problem to most divorce attorneys since the onus is on the attorney to prove that what is being alleged did not happen. This poses a much greater challenge than having to prove that something did happen. In these types of situations, divorce attorneys can use all the help they can get.

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