Trained divorce and custody consultants are well versed in managing challeging divorce and custody cases. They have the skills needed to properly guide people getting divorced through the many challenges that contested divorce and custody cases can present. Proper divorce preparation gives people the ADDED EDGE they need to make the important decisions that will affect them now and in the future.

Most people getting divorced rarely give much thought to the actual divorce process. In fact, most people contemplating divorce tend to focus primarly on deciding whether or not to stay in their marriage. For those in marriages that aren't working, the main struggle is in resolving the dilemma of "should I or shouldn't I" divorce.

Concerns that weigh heavily on people's decision making include finances, children, security, fear of the unknown and yes, even concerns for their spouse. Yet in spite of attention given to these issues when making the decision to divorce, they are not given much consideration when planning the post divorce phase.

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