For most, getting divorced is usually a first - and hopefully the only experience of this kind. This means that when it comes to divorce, the vast majority of people are novices - especially when it comes to understanding the financial, legal and practical implications of splitting up. And even for those who have had some prior experience with the divorcing process, the emotional impact of dealing with the divorce at hand still makes it difficult to be objective and keep a level head about the important decisions that need to be made.

Since the divorcing process can be stressful, complicated, lengthy and often expensive, we feel it is best that people getting a divorce not go through it alone. And given the current economic recession, now it is even more important that people going through a divorce utilize their resources wisely. Strategic Divorce Planners help their clients move their divorce cases forward rather than let them get bogged down in costly, time consuming and ineffective litigation. read more

Strategic Divorce Planners specialize in divorce preparation & case management. Our PRIMARY OBJECTIVE is to help people survive the divorcing process by utilizing strategic and specialized divorce & custody consultative services. read more

Specific Issues that Strategic Divorce Planners Manage:

  • trial consultation and preparation read more
  • conceptualization & formulation of custody agreements
  • parental alienation or parental alienation syndrome read more
  • false allegations of sexual abuse read more
  • ineffective communication between spouses/parents
  • non-compliance with court orders
  • access blocking
  • complicated custody arrangements
  • custody evaluation management read more

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Everyone's concerns are unique. For that reason, Dr. Reena Sommer invites you to call her without obligation for a 15-minute consultation to receive some initial direction about your specific concerns. You can reach Dr. Sommer directly by calling her at 281.534.3923.

Need to consult further?If the initial consult is not long enough, consider having an introductory 30-minute focused consultation with Dr. Reena Sommer. read more

Who needs a strategic divorce planner?

Not everyone getting a divorce needs a strategic divorce planner. In fact, the vast majority of divorces are settled by agreement and without having to go to trial.

On the other hand, this does not mean that 96% of divorce cases are all settled without court involvement. Attorneys report that more than half of all divorces they handle are contested. This means that in about half of all divorce cases, there is a dispute or disagreement between the parties involved concerning any number of issues.

Most disputes seem to center on finances, custody and access. In these cases some form of court intervention occurs usually in the form of court orders for financial disclosure, methods of evaluating assets and liabilities, and/or custody and access.

What do strategic divorce planners do?

Strategic Divorce Planners recognizes that the decision to divorce is a tough one. For this reason, it offers its expertise to help people identify the long term consequences of their divorce decision and to make appropriate choices for themselves, particularly when children and money are involved.

Most importantly, Strategic Divorce Planners helps people learn how to communicate more effectively with their attorneys. This is very important because being able to properly instruct an attorney appropriately is essential in reaching one's goals and putting plans into action.

*FYI: We are not attorneys nor are we members of any bar in any state. We do not offer legal advice nor do we present ourselves as doing so. However, we do help attorneys to better represent their clients through our services as divorce strategists and divorce consultants.


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