Most contested custody cases are eventually settled out of court. However, in a small minority of cases - about 4% - a trial is needed to reach resolution. Although this is not the optimal way of dealing with custody related issues, it sometimes cannot be avoided.

Preparing for a custody trial can be stressful as well as very expensive. Placing decisions about one's future and that of one's children in the hands of the court is extremely stress provoking because there is no absolute certainty that the judge (and sometimes a jury) will see things exactly as you do. Given this uncertainty and what is at stake, it makes sense that the deck is stacked in your favor. One way to do this is by availing yourself of the best trial preparation assistance available. A trial consultant who specializes in custody trial preparation provides the necessary back-up to attorneys that will point the judge's attention in the direction you want.

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What Do Trial Consultants Do?

Trial consultants are the behind the scenes "helpers" to attorneys. Their job is to get the case in the most optimal position to present in court. This means the trial consultant helps the trial attorney in identifying the key issues to present, locating and research experts, preparing witnesses for testimony, assisting with deposition and cross examination questions, creating trial exhibits and assisting with jury selection when needed. The assistance that trial consultants provide raises the trial presentation to another level. This is mainly because on their own, attorneys don't have the time, skill or resources to do what trial consultants.

Things to Think About Before Retaining a Trial Consultant

If you and your divorce attorney have determined that a custody trial is inevitable, you should consider retaining a trial consultant. As in choosing an attorney, it is also essential that your trial consultant is someone who specializes in custody cases. And since contested custody cases can involve issues relating to relocation, religion, education, alienation and even allegations of sexual abuse, it is very important that the trial consultant you retain is knowledgeable about the issues involved in your case. The right trial consultant can be a valuable team member and instrumental in moving your case to the winning side.

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