Retaining the right divorce attorney is probably the single most important decision you will make if you find yourself - or suspect that you could likely find yourself - in the midst of a contested divorce or custody case. Your divorce attorney is not just your spokesperson and advocate, but he or she will be the person who is in charge of directing your case from start to finish. Since family court tends to operate a bit differently from other courts where rules tend to be bent more often than not and much decision-making appears to be arbitrary rather than evidence based, it is absolutely critical that you have some one representing you who knows how to function well in that environment.

For these reasons, you do not want to make a hasty choice with little information. Using your neighbor's attorney who handled a business contract for cheap may or may not be the right person to represent you in a contested divorce and custody case.

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Things to Think About Before Retaining an Attorney

If you find yourself - or suspect that you will find yourself - in the midst of a contested divorce or custody case, you must have a DIVORCE attorney. It is essential that you have someone who specializes in family law. He or she should also be familiar with other divorce attorneys as well as family law judges in your area. For example, you wouldn't go to a general practitioner if you needed heart surgery. The very same principle applies in divorce. read more

Communicate - Communicate - Communicate

Parents often believe that since their divorce attorney is the legal expert, he or she should know exactly what the client wants as well as what to do. On the other hand, attorneys often make the mistake of not recognizing that their client's silence does not mean everything is ok, but really that their clients don't know or want to ask questions. A breakdown or gap in communication can have a huge negative impact on the direction and outcome of your case. read more

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